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My system had neither liblz4 nor yaml.

I have installed both.
But I still can't start the game.
I am using MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit.

The game is released in 64 bits.

I can most likely compile it for 32 bits GNU/Linux systems, and I'll happily do it, but it will take a few days (I don't have access to my dev environment at the moment). Sorry about that, I'll let you know when it's done.

I've updated the GNU/Linux archive, it now contains both the 32bits and 64bits binary, and should work fine on your operating system.

Hi, framagit seems to have sign up temporarily disabled due to spam so gonna report here. I found a bug reproducible on all builds of the game leading to a game crash (error on ). In order to reproduce, start a new game, progress through the game until collecting the ashes but do not use them and instead keep going towards the game up until you save Superfluous and get on the fluomobile. After the cutscene, game will crash erroring on the said spot referencing the ashes entity. I'll attach also a save where the issue can be reproduced:

Thanks for the report!

If I'm not mistaken, the bug could only happen if you did not take the USB stick *and* exited/restarted the game while in the second room. Anyway, it should be fixed in the latest uploaded version.

Thanks again!

It says the code is licensed using GPLv3.0, is there a link to the source code ?


Yes, sorry, I should probably add the link somewhere on (it's on the official website):


Just finished it after 2 days of play. It was really fun and weird on some puzzles.

Highly recommended!